Beware of Bluestone, Jewelry weight changes without intimation

It took me a while to figure this out. The incident I’m about to narrate involves 5 separate orders I placed with Bluestone.

My first order was amazing, a nice ‘gold only’ ring( 18KT), no issues with weight or pricing or quality of the product. I was so impressed with the product quality, delivery time and packaging that I immediately ordered 4 more products following the first one.

What followed was surprising. I didn’t even notice this issue with the 2nd delivery. When I received the 3rd and 4th products, I noticed a considerable difference in weight. I want you guys to understand this. For example, my online account with Bluestone says 7.5 grams for Rs.15, 000, the product delivered is 5.5 grams. Whats even more surprising is that the bill I receive says the product is 5.5 grams for Rs. 15, 000? Dear Bluestone, the gold rate you promised me, just changed! Didn’t it? Isn’t that illegal?

So after noticing this on the 3rd and 4th orders, I call them and inform them of this issue. They were very cooperative on the phone and said, these products are ‘made to order’ and we shall gladly refund the difference amount to you. They probably thought they were being smart, but their saying this, angered me even more!

If I’ve ordered a ring which is 7.5 grams and it’s a COD order and you notice the finished product is 5.5 grams, update the bill amount and charge me the updated amount at my doorstep.

Furthermore, this ‘good boy’ image Bluestone is trying to put out is not really true. If they were, in fact, an ethical company, wouldn’t they inform me about the inconsistency of the product weight of my 2nd order. They didn’t. It’s only when I checked the 3rd and 4th orders that I realized the 2nd order was off by a couple of grams as well.

All said and done, I wish for everybody to know that Bluestone has NOT cheated me of any money. I cancelled all 4 orders, returned the products under their 30 day return policy and got my money back.

BUT, the fact is, what they are trying to do is definitely not legal. The impression it’s left on me is that they deliver a product that is underweight. Hope the customer doesn’t figure what’s happened and keep quiet about it. If the customer objects, refund the difference, if the customer keeps quiet, go laughing all the way to the bank.

Jewellery is a very sensitive issue and this is India. I don’t trust a jeweler beyond my nose. I really don’t think BlueStone should be trying these tricks, its only going to get them into trouble. The craziest thing is these guys actually have nice stuff! Their product quality is good, presentation is brilliant and the convenience factor is nice as well. But what they are doing is WRONG, period!