Gay or Practicing Christian – Pick one

In the midst of all the rainbow flag display pictures on social media and open support for the American Supreme Court ruling over legalizing Gay Marriage, it was a little hard to miss a whole group of Christian Pastors getting on the wrong side of what seems like popular opinion especially in the west and among the metropolitan youth at large.

I’m all for Gay Liberation. A whole lot of my friends are homosexual and I have never once felt differently about them. I’m liberated enough to think of them as good human beings first and their sexual orientation hardly makes a difference to me. The emotion of Love is unconditional. One could love anything or anyone and no one book or person in my opinion is qualified enough to say otherwise. I also really hope that one day I get to dance at a Gay Wedding baraat right here in Bombay!

Now let’s get to the dilemma. Either Gay or Practicing Christian?

Notice how I have carefully said ‘Practicing Christian.’ Not every Christian is a Practicing Christian, just like I am a Sikh, but I don’t wear my hair like a Sikh. I’m not a Practicing Sikh. If I enter a Gurudwara and announce I am a Practicing Sikh, what do you think the reactions would be?

Some openly Gay Christians insist on saying they are ‘Practicing Christians.’ The bible is clear and not open to personal interpretation on this. The Bible in several verses is very clear about Christianity’s take on Homosexuality. And from my limited reading of some pretty clear versus, it is dead against homosexuality. So there’s the issue. You cannot be Gay and a Practicing Christian at the same time. Saying you are both is calling to change the very text of your very holy book!

Let’s take a look at just one of the many versus cited below. Read it carefully.

Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

Did you read that? Is there any ambiguity in that at all? I’d like to know if you found some.

For the sake of all gay people out there, I would love it if the Bible endorsed homosexuality! Things would just be so much less complicated for millions of Christians and Catholics out there. But unfortunately, that’s not what the Bible says. And one cannot just decide to interpret it the way they want to.

So the bottom line in my opinion is that you can be only one of the two. Either a ‘Practicing Christian’ or Gay. You could totally be Christian and Gay, you could go worship, call yourself Christian, associate with Christian values, get married the Christian way, but to call yourself a ‘Practicing Christian’ and Gay at the same time, is just wrongly interpreting the Bible. The Bible could not be more clear on its take on homosexuality. As always, lets have a healthy debate. I can’t wait for your comments, views and criticism.