inception movie review flaws bloopers

Inception Movie Review – Bloopers & Flaws

Inception didn’t go down too well with many viewers, then again the heavy concept seems to have overtaken the fact that the movie came with tonnes of flaws. If I questioned the Director I’d ask:

  • What’s that rather primitive looking box that allows people to enjoy the shared dream experience?
  • Clearly, since dreams are a neurological phenomenon, do you expect us to believe their brains connected through their blood streams? We didn’t see anything attached to their heads.
  • The fact that the human brain thinks at 4 times the speed has nothing to do with the fact that the time factor slows down within the dream. As a matter of fact, most people we asked said, a 4 four hour nap generally lets them dream for what seems like just a few minutes.
  • Why have the makers of Inception so conveniently used the so called wake up ‘KICK’ whenever they felt like? We came across various instances where the dreamers, while still in the dream, got tossed and turned against gravity. Wouldn’t those also qualify as kicks?
  • Who says 4 levels down is pure subconscious space? Is there anything at all to support this claim?
  • And this one’s our favorite! How many times have you woken up from a dream to Mother Nature’s call? They were on a trans-Atlantic flight. You’ve got to be kidding!

All said and done, Inception has been a good watch. It was entertaining and the cast pulled off their parts really well. But, unlike Star Wars, Star Trek, even the Matrix; Inception leaves way too much hanging in the air. Sci-Fi is fun if there’s still a certain amount of tangibility attached to it. Inception is pure fiction not science fiction!