ISIL & DPRK – The Sum of all fears? #nuclearproliferation

The Islamic State and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are both as different as they can get, say for the one promise of potential disaster both these ‘states’ pose. Interestingly so, both these states have been targeted for their names at some point in time in the past:

  • The Islamic State – As the name suggests, some say is NOT ‘Islamic’ at all, hence the name is essentially an oxymoron in itself.
  • The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – Some say, is not Democratic, not by the People and certainly not a Republic, hence, once again, an oxymoron in the name.

Notice the title of this blog? It says, the Sum of All Fears. A big shout out to the makers of the movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s about nuclear proliferation, sale of nuclear weapons, especially on the black market.

The world at large has been wondering what an entity like the DPRK would feel about the rise and expansion of ISIL. It doesn’t take much to figure that even though these two entities share a few ‘state control’ related similarities their ideologies are as different as ever! To think them to be mutually part of a potential AXIS of Evil is ludicrous. Such an alliance would not last 3 days.

The DPRK is overtly communist, being ruled by a virtual God figure with no sign of religion, heaven or hell in its society. It’s about the ‘supposed’ collective good.

ISIL on the other hand is overtly religious, employing every manner of religious indoctrination to ready their ‘supposed’ army of God to rule the entire world. They believe in wiping out everything that doesn’t agree with their dogmatic and ‘add salt to taste’ version of Islam.

So where is the problem? Where does one really see a nexus developing? #nuclearproliferation

Nuclear Proliferation! The DPRK has often been open about being willing to proliferate or sell nuclear weapon technology to the highest bidder. They often use this rhetoric to arm twist the west into getting their way, but assuming a real nexus were to develop, as temporary as it may be, it might just lead them to arm a less scrupulous ISIL with an A-Bomb. That is the day, God forbid, the world will truly experience the Sum of All Fears.