Pakistan, Kashmir & the UN Security Council

Pakistan, Kashmir & the UN Security Council

The Kashmir dispute has forever been a topic of heated debate and personally, I don’t think we are arriving at a solution anytime soon. As an Indian, I believe there’s no compromising on sovereign territory, but that’s just me. This article, however, discusses the UN Security Council Resolution 47, adopted in April 1948, that calls for solving the Kashmir Dispute once and for all through a peaceful plebiscite or a vote by the Kashmiri people on what their future should be.

I’m a little sick of Pakistani guests and spokespersons on Indian News Channels calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir. Some of these guys are very senior analysts and I’d expect them to know what’s in this article. Now, for all my Pakistani readers, in all humility, I request you to please go to the UN website, download the free UN Security Council Resolution 47 PDF, and read the damn thing before making a fool of yourself and blindly calling for a plebiscite.

The resolution could not be more clear. It comprises of 3 steps to be followed sequentially:

1. Pakistan is to, first, demilitarize occupied Kashmir, which includes all soldiers, regular and mujahideen, and religious entities they deployed in 1947. This withdrawal is to be deemed satisfactory by the UN Security Council body. 

2. If the security council body is convinced of the above mentioned demilitarisation by Pakistan, India is to then demilitarise as well, however, the council says India will be permitted to leave behind, in Kashmir, a limited security force to defend itself against potential Pakistani aggression. 

3. Conditional to the security council’s satisfaction of steps 1 and 2, a plebiscite will be held and the Kashmiri people will decide their fate, India, Freedom or Pakistan. 

Bottom line, Pakistan may be entitled to draw its own conclusions, however, drawing those conclusions on fabricated, warped facts is unacceptable. The UN Resolution is right there for implementation. So, if we want to head in the plebiscite direction, start pulling out.

I’d love to hear your opinion. This article is meant to spark a healthy debate. Scroll down to drop a comment!