The Interview: Distasteful, Exaggerated Humor

The Interview: Distasteful, Exaggerated Humor

I’m never going to figure out how this unbelievable piece of garbage scored a 9.4 on IMDB. Rotten Tomatoes scores it at a more believable 50 odd percent. Let me not discuss the backdrop against which the film was released to the world, viz-a-viz the sony hack and all that followed. Let’s call it as we see it i.e. the content of the film.

‘The Interview‘ is on the lines of movies like Borat and The Dictator. The issue with movies of this genre is that they take a very serious premise and pump the storyline with so much of humour that the result is a messed up state of affairs which, at best, mocks the very premise that the movie was built on. For example, a movie like Inglorious Bastards (even though it was a work of fiction), based itself on an equally serious premise, but the storyline brings in a believable, tangible amount of humour which still keeps the film real.

For all of you history and war buffs out there, looking to catch a few glimpses of North Korean situations, incidents or life in general, do yourself a favour and don’t watch this film!

The movie features a talk show host and his best friend of 10 years, the producer of said talk show, landing an opportunity to do something worthwhile. Enter, an interview with the Great Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong Un. In reality, Kim Jong Un is this 31 year old pouty kid who’s inherited reign of the land has been in question ever since his father and former ‘Dear Leader’ passed away.

While the film may accurately portray a few of the Great Leader’s ‘reported’ eccentricities I doubt the real Kim Jong Un can slam dunk like Michael Jordan. No mention of Kim’s wife is made throughout the nearly 2 hour long movie and the interwoven grotesque scenes of Korean guards shooting each other in the head and biting people’s fingers off, complete with the spray of blood, are wildly unnecessary and misplaced.

Much can be said about the ‘Interview’ itself, which when steered off course by the recently enlightened talk show host could not be stopped by what looked like a whole squad of North Korean soldiers with Light Machine Guns. What’s funnier is the fact that only a bolted wooden door separates them from the interview. Once again, did I mention they were armed with LMGs?

Believe it or not, the interview ends with Kim Jong Un passing the order to nuke the United States of America right after which our Talk Show Host, his producer friend and a hot female North Korean propaganda soldier shoot down Kim’s helicopter with a tank turret shell.

On a different note, James Franco’s drunk humour reminds me a whole lot of Neil Patrick Harris fro How I Met Your Mother, except, Franco doesn’t come anywhere near Neil in pulling it off. Granted a few scenes, like the tiger in the woods sequence are well put together, but one can very easily question the payload killing the big cat with a blow to the head and Rogen shoving it up his ass, literally.

In closing, all I can say is, there’s 2 hours of my life I’m never getting back. Merry Christmas people!