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Trump’s Master Stroke! – The iPad ban might actually help India

The department of homeland security (USA) has stumped the world by placing a travel restriction on flights originating from 10 Muslim majority countries. Under the assumption that terrorists may use iPads and wireless devices to smuggle explosives on an airplane or into the US, they’ve asked passengers on the ‘restricted list’ to carry electronics and wireless devices like iPads in their checked in luggage.

Seems like a security concern? Think again! #AmericaFirst

This is what we call a classic ‘master stroke,’ one that the quintessential Donald Trump opponent (including yours truly) could easily overlook. Haven’t we all known that Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways have capitalized on connecting the world to North America? He just partially pulled the plug on that party didn’t he?

Trump says #AmericaFirst and he means it.

So now, passengers traveling for work / business, and looking to actually use that inflight wifi to get some work done on the flight will prefer flying US owned operators flying directly to their destination. Most of these US operators also have convenient code shares that connect passengers as far as New Zealand. It’s safe to say Emirates, Etihad and Qatar can kiss a lot of their loyal corporate customers goodbye.

What does this do for India? #AirIndia #JetAirways

Here’s the good news. Indian operators like Air India and Jet Airways have time and again operated direct departures to New York, Newark, LA and Frisco. Now’s the time to shine! The Indian operators have a clean opportunity to capitalize on the direct departures to the US as long as we can still manage to hold the slots. Given Indo-US business ties, I doubt the slots are going anywhere anytime soon.