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Capt Samarth Singh pilot career counselling session
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Future Student Pilots often have queries relating to flying school, costs, country and job assurances.

Looking to speak to me about Aviation, Jobs, Pilot Life, Training, Flying Schools? Book a 90 Minute Online counselling session to discuss all the hidden details you need to know before you begin your flight training at a flying school. We will also discuss situations and training plans specific to your personal financial condition.

Owing to COVID restrictions, all counselling sessions are now online on Zoom.

CLICK HERE to begin the booking process. Once you have booked, drop me an e-mail on to confirm the time as per our mutual convenience. You can have a parent accompany you on the Zoom chat or you could club your counselling session with another Pilot (max attendance 2).

Counselling sessions are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 19:30 Hrs to 22:30 Hrs. For other date and time requests fill out the booking form CLICK HERE