Could the Paris Attacks be an inside job? – Counter-narrative

The Paris attacks of November 2015 are an audacious, brutal act of terror, the perpetrators of which deserve nothing less than an eternity of pain. More than 100 people dead, more than 300 injured and the numbers continue to rise. With 6 locations attacked, several bomb explosions and close to 1500 French Soldiers deployed to the streets of Paris, the situation is dire.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack.

But do we really know who the perpetrators are? Are we willing to discount the theory that this may just have been an internal job? Some analysts say this attack was revenge for Jihadi John, an ultra-radical British national, now fighting for the Islamic State, usually seen in numerous videos executing western journalists and Syrian soldiers. He was reportedly killed in a drone strike, just a few days ago. Some say it’s merely the activation of an Islamic State sleeper cell and an organized attack which has been planned for months.

The Narrative – The Refugees don’t fit!

Once again, are we sure of who the perpetrators are? The French Government has been battling it out in the EU parliament alongside other Governments this past year trying to curb the influx of refugees arising out of the Syrian / Iraqi crisis. France, as per 2013 stats, received over 60,000 refugees, most from the troubled areas of the middle east.

Countries like Germany have had incidents where school girls, all of 15 years old, have been warned against wearing short skirts because jobless middle eastern refugees (men) on the street, often found congregating in groups, find the sight ‘offensive.’

The Solution – Turn Public Opinion!

We all know the EU Governments are anti-refugee influx and the European people at large are pro-refugee influx. All the Governments’ need to do to solve this problem, is to turn the public opinion!

One has to note how the French Government reacted to this crisis, by immediately closing the border (nobody gets in or out) and imposing a state of emergency.

Perhaps some covert elements in the French Government set up this attack as a false flag operation. What it has definitely done, is sufficiently turned public opinion about Muslim migration to France to quite an extent. Are we willing to ignore the coincidence?

I’ll leave my opinion about whether a false flag operation like this is good or bad to your assessment of this article. But for the moment, the question is clear, Are we willing to ignore the coincidence?

Let’s have some opinions with comments!

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