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In retrospect, looking back from here, life has been a roller coaster ride so far (a good one), both professionally and personally. I’ve loved every bit of it and wouldn’t have it any other way. For a living, I am an airline pilot and I run a print solutions and marketing firm which I put together in college. I studied to be a commercial pilot and followed that up with a traditional MBA. I’ve loved my travels so far and the work I do has me meet new people every now and then which keeps me, in the words of my ex-employer, friend and now a published writer, ‘Hungry and Foolish.’ I feel most in sync with life when I’m in the cockpit of a good old single engine Cessna 172! If only I had the time to clock in as many single engine hours as I’d want to. My friends know me as an extremely open minded yet fairly opinionated person which explains this very informal blog. Here’s hoping you guys like my posts and I’d expect you to be unforgiving-ly critical if you disagree with anything that’s written here.

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